wishes don't win races
running is my life. senior track runner and pole vaulter. ex distance runner.

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A good run feels like being part of the wind, flowing down the street with a power so strong yet so gentle. It feels like fire, warmth spreading from head to toe instantly. It feels like a shower for the soul, fresh and clear. The sun tickles your fingertips and you could go on forever. In those moments, the world seems so simple and the edge of heaven seems right at your fingertips. And non runners always ask why running is enjoyable. I just shrug because I know the secrets of a distance runner cannot truly be expressed in words to those who have not experienced the wind, fire, and water.




“God has given me the ability. The rest is up to me. Believe.  Believe. Believe.”- Billy Mills (Olympic Gold Medalist)

such a good quote wow

I watch this kick before every meet

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